My Story

Carlos was born into a humble Brazilian household in Minas Gerais. One of nine children, Carlos’ father was a local butcher and his mother, a homemaker. Together, they led by example and instilled the principles of family, hard work, discipline, and values into the children’s everyday lives. These principles grounded the family, bound them together, and provided Carlos with an unrelenting drive to learn, determination to overcome obstacles, and improve the lives of others. This drive would take Carlos to the United States with $300 in his pocket where he would enter an unpaid internship and would have to work in several jobs to make it happen.

Arriving in Boston, Massachusetts, without knowing no one, having no connections, not knowing anywhere and with only $300 in his pocket, Carlos found an attic to rent for $350. He had to work hard in order to keep a roof over his head. Carlos sought to make the ends meet by working multiple jobs, including as a construction laborer, waiter, as well as an unpaid law office internship. As soon as possible, he began taking evening classes to keep learning more about his own trade as well as business, economics, and management. He was moving at full speed ahead and yet still picking up momentum. Determination and commitment were always some of his attributes.

In 2004, Carlos founded his first real estate company, CONTI Construction, and began performing small construction jobs. In 2005, he founded his second real estate company, CONTI Group, to capitalize on an opportunistic time for renovating residential real estate. His companies updated and sold 30 homes over the next two years. But, forecasting the housing bubble was set to burst, Carlos began evaluating more long-term real estate opportunities. He quickly discovered the cashflow producing, reliable investment model of multifamily commercial real estate.

After evaluating markets across the country, Carlos shut down his operations and relocated to Dallas, TX in 2008. In March of the same year, Carlos closed on his first multifamily property, a 208 unit asset. Afterward, he proceeded to acquire six more properties, a total of 1,400 units, within six months. Since then, he has leveraged the performance potential of the U.S. multifamily market, purchased over 12,000 units, and been a part of over $2.5B in real estate transactions.

Today, Carlos continues to move at full speed ahead. He is a driven entrepreneur with a Make It Happen attitude towards building the right businesses with the right team while empowering people to look for the best in themselves.

Discover more milestones along Carlos’ journey below.

  • Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Carlos was born into a humble Brazilian household in Minas Gerais. One of nine children, Carlos’ father was a local butcher and his mother, a homemaker.

  • Age 7

    Begins work

    Starts working in family butcher shop

  • Age 19

    Personal loss

    Carlos’ father passes away

  • 1998

    Education goes on strike

    Begins public university in Brazil. The university goes on strike the same year.

  • 2001

    Relocates to the U.S.

    Relocates to Boston, Massachusetts with just $300 in his pocket. Finds attic apartment for $350/mo. Works as a construction laborer, waiter, and unpaid law office intern while taking evening classes.

  • 2004

    Starts his 1st company, CONTI Construction

    Starts completing small construction jobs

  • 2005

    Starts his 2nd company, CONTI Group

    Begins to capitalize on residential real estate flipping

  • 2007

    Finds success. Begins to think bigger.

    Carlos sells 30 homes in two years.

  • 2008

    Acquires his first multifamily asset

    Relocates to Dallas, Texas and closes on his first multifamily property, 208 units, in March. Carlos acquires six more properties, a total of 1,400 units, over the next six months.

  • 2010

    Big Expansion

    CONTI becomes vertically integrated and it expands regionally

  • 2014

    YPO - Young Presidents’ Organization

    Carlos becomes a member of the YPO North Texas Chapter

  • 2017

    Becomes a Harvard alumnus

    Completed the Harvard Business School OPM program

  • 2019

    $1B in multifamily transactions

    Surpasses $1B in real estate transactions, over 40 properties, and 10,000+ units

  • 2020

    Creates a nationwide preferred equity division to CONTI

    Becomes a board member:
    Board member of the Fundação Dom Cabral International Advisory Council
    Board member of Harvard Club of Dallas