Equity and Debt Investing. Two Sides of the Same Coin

When looking to invest, you can choose to invest in a company’s performance or their debt. The simplest difference between the two is an investor’s appetite for risk, returns, and liquidity.

Women Investors and Commercial Real Estate

Studies have shown that women tend to make more savvy investors than men. Women spend more time researching their investment options.

Cap Rates and 10-Year Treasury Bills

The 10-year U.S. Treasury bill (“10-Y T-bill”) is widely considered to be a “risk-free” investment with a locked-in rate of return. Because of this, the 10-Y T-bill can be viewed as a fair barometer when gauging investors’ sentiment toward alternative investments and what they are willing to risk for an expected rate of return.

Texas Business Minds Podcast by the Dallas Business Journal

Carlos Vaz is Co-Founder and CEO of the CONTI Organization, one of North Texas’s largest private multifamily property owner-operators, was interviewed this week as part of the Dallas Business Journal’s statewide Texas Business Minds podcast.